• Top Benefits Of Using Vinyl Flooring

    The flooring of your house adds on to the overall décor. Vinyl is a great flooring option that fits virtually every décor and budget. There are different types of vinyl flooring available. They come in different shapes, sizes, patterns and colors. There are three grades of vinyl flooring finishes. Grade 1 is the thickest sealant layer available and is good for residential use and high-traffic areas of your home. Grade 2 and 3 go down in thickness. commercial grade vinyl plank flooring is a good selection for your children’s play room, a living room, a kitchen or bathrooms where there is an increased chance of water getting spilled.

    There are two types of vinyl looks to choose from while determining the right look for any room: printed and inlaid. Inlaid vinyl flooring has color granules embedded into the vinyl sheets. If examined carefully, you will see little specks of different shades which creates the entire hue.

    Printed vinyl flooring refers to vinyl which has a pattern of color printed on it. This type of flooring is popular in residential homes. This is because printed vinyl flooring can be transformed to look like any other expensive flooring option. You have the choice of makings these types of floors look like hardwood or marble flooring. The color and pattern options for printed mannington vinyl plank arizona are practically endless and are always much cheaper than the actual flooring it is imitating.

    Vinyl flooring can fit in any room because of its availability of different shapes and sizes. This type of flooring comes in tiles, sheets and planks. Versatility is why vinyl flooring is gaining so much popularity amongst homeowners. The vast number of decorating options that vinyl flooring offers along with its durability makes it very functional and the perfect choice for any home. If you are considering installing any of these types of vinyl floors, give us a call.
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