• Is Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring Durable?

    Wooden flooring and tile flooring have become popular among homeowners for variety of reasons. But nowadays, vinyl plank flooring offers comfort, warmth and durability to suit any place in your house. Vinyl flooring options provide many benefits compared to other flooring options, but at a substantially lower rates.

    Vinyl plank flooring offers you more durability and is among the most elegant flooring options for your house. Vinyl flooring options are constructed in such a way that it can resist scuffs, stains, scratches and high traffic, too. This flooring is hardworking as it is made up of limestone base that can withstand families, pets and children without any wear and tear. Vinyl plank flooring, if installed properly, lasts for many years to come.

    Apart from durability, benefits of vinyl flooring are as follows:

    · Dirt and water-resistant

    A well-installed vinyl flooring is almost impervious to water penetration. It is a perfect material for bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and other high moisture areas. As vinyl plank flooring is dirt and water resistant, it is one of the flooring that can be directly installed on the sub-floor. Apart from this, vinyl plank flooring is maintenance free. No special products are required for cleaning. Damp mopping is best for it.

    · Excellent comfort

    The benefits of vinyl flooring are that it is flexible, comfortable and slip resistant. Another plus is that it feels softer and warmer and is much quieter than other flooring materials. It is also easy to stand on it for a long period of time as it is multilayered which makes it warmer and also has a resilient backing.

    · Design aesthetics with affordable luxury

    Vinyl flooring options has a fantastic and surprising realism and neutrality. It also gives replication of natural materials like stone or ceramic with the cost that is affordable. When you are standing on it, it is hard to tell whether you are actually standing on slate, travertine or ceramic. Vinyl plank flooring manufacturers have also come up with different colors that looks similar to cherry, oak, mahogany, maple and other variety of wood at much less cost.

    · Versatile

    Vinyl flooring options are designed to go in any room including in moisture prone area such as kitchen or bathrooms. Premium flooring such as wood or tile capture nature’s beauty, but vinyl plank flooring gives you the same authenticity and elegance anywhere in your house.

    Vinyl flooring options are becoming popular among homeowners due to exceptional benefits of vinyl, as well as its great value.Vinyl plank flooring is also available in wide variety of colors, design, patterns and styles with ease of installation. Thus, vinyl plank flooring has many positive aspects. The benefits of vinyl make it a more desirable choice for flooring.
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