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We provide a large variety of vinyl flooring. Here is the list of our vinyl flooring products.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring: Vinyl sheet flooring is a cost effective option that is easy to maintain, but the cost is dependent on the quality of the sheet and product manufacturing brand. Sheet vinyl is resistant to scuffing, moisture retention and repels dirt, making it easy to clean. We have vinyl sheet covering available in 6 ft, 12 ft and 15 ft widths. The choice of colors and designs in vinyl sheet flooring is exclusive when compared to other flooring types. The sheets are usually thinner within 10-15 millimeters and 25-30 millimeters thick for high-performance sheet vinyl. These are generally preferred in both commercial and residential areas.


• These sheets are sustainable, durable and hardwearing.

• They are resistant to stains and dents.

Vinyl Composite Tile Flooring: This is the most well-liked vinyl flooring type for commercial uses because of its durability. Our vinyl composition tile can handle heavy foot traffic and is available in exceptional grades, colors, and designs. They are generally available in 12x12 dimensions.


• They are easy to install and cost effective
• Highly durable and offers excellent dimensional stability

• Resistant to UV radiation, fading, and scratches

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring: This is one of the best hard flooring options. It comes in wonderful colors, motifs, themes, and patterns. Manufacturers like Armstrong, Congoleum, Amitco, and several other brands offer this type of vinyl. Luxury vinyl tile flooring can be installed with or without grout.

Features :

• LVT doesn’t require sealing or polishing

• It can resistant flooring impairments with amazing durability.
• They are good sound absorbers, making them a good fit in hospitals and libraries.

Vinyl plank flooring: It has the visual appeal of real wood. Vinyl plank flooring is available in 36``x6`` dimensions with “easy-click” locking systems. For the customers who wish to go for DIY flooring, this is an easy and convenient flooring option.


• Vinyl plank flooring is resilient and can absorb noises

• They are excellent flooring options in areas with high moisture and no other flooring type can give such an extended durability if laid down properly

Decorate your interior expanses with our versatile and trendy vinyl flooring with years of long-lasting performance and sustainability.