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Amtico offers many varieties of floor designs for your home or business. Amtico vinyl flooring provides  a warm and beautiful surface comparable to other flooring materials like wood, stone and marble. Amtico vinyl planks are lightweight but resistant to abrasions and are inherently tough. These qualities make it the most durable synthetic flooring surface. It is very easy to clean Amtico floors but poor maintenance can affect Amtico vinyl planks.

Amtico vinyl planks are available in different sizes, colors and patterns to create an ideal look for your home. These vinyl planks can suit any structure--from commercial to residential--with traditional to modern style. This is very affordable to install for any home and offers an exotic look. Amtico offers endless designs and are also child and pet-friendly. Amtico vinyl planks provide some of the best flooring collections like:

· Amtico Stone

· Amtico Spacia Wood Locksolid

· Amtico Spacia Stone

· Amtico Abstract

· Amtico Spacia Wood

· Amtico Spacia Abstract

· Amtico Wood

All these collections mimic the feel of a natural floor. Because of these features, many people choose Amtico for their residential and commercial flooring. With Amtico vinyl flooring, you can display some serious flair and funky designs along with vivid colors and styles. By changing your flooring, you can change the complete feel of your space. Go with Amtico if you want vinyl flooring that will enhance the beauty of your home or office.