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Earthwerks vinyl planks are quickly establishing themselves as a popular flooring solution in the market. This company’s product has left the market amazed and has grabbed peoples' attention. Earthwerks provide quality products in an affordable price range. Their products fit every décor and budget and offer long-lasting performance, style and durability. Some of the features that set apart their vinyl planks from other types of vinyl planks are:

• Their ability to give the feel of natural wood and stones using advanced design techniques. The multi-layers are also responsible for the durability as well as the style of Earthwerks vinyl planks.

• It fulfills the various safety, environmental, and wear requirements desirable for commercial and household use. For example, it fulfills green building standards, commercial flammability codes and slip resistance requirements.

• It is very easy to clean and maintain. You just have to mop regularly and you will have a good-looking, clean floor.

• The company offers a wide range of products and designs to choose from that gives the consumer the opportunity to choose a product that fits his or her style and budget requirements. Their planks come in various sizes and shapes.

• If installed correctly and according to the guidelines specified by the company, their luxury vinyl planks are naturally water resistant so spills can’t damage your floor. They are also quite resistant to dents, scratches, and scuffs.

• They are cost effective in terms that they give the feel and look rich materials while staying within a budget.

• This company offers quite durable and resilient products that can withstand high traffic and many other requirements demanded by residential and commercial use.

You can find Earthwerk vinyl planks dealers online. You will find their service exceeds your expectations, with pricing in your budget.