• Benefits of Armstrong luxury vinyl flooring

    The vinyl flooring available today comes in the most stylish and high-quality material. Armstrong luxury vinyl flooring has become one of the most preferred flooring options because of its vibrant visual appeal and long-lasting value.

    Armstrong luxury vinyl flooring comes in a range of colors, designs, patterns, and styles. From retail spaces and restaurants to hotels and hospitals, Armstrong luxury vinyl flooring can be used in almost any commercial setting. It can also be used in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or living room as well.

    A majority of customers all over the world are now choosing Armstrong luxury vinyl flooring because of its versatility. Some of the options available to you are:

    Vinyl plank: Vinyl plank flooring offers you the look and feel of hardwood flooring at a much cheaper price. These planks also provide you more durability and resistance than traditional hardwood planks as well.

    Vinyl tiles: Vinyl tiles come in individual squares of different sizes which provide the appearance of stone tiles. One of the major advantages of these individual tiles is that these tiles are easy to replace if one of them gets damaged. Vinyl tiles can also be used to arrange a pattern.

    Vinyl sheet: Vinyl sheet flooring comes in rolls that are 6-12 feet in width. Vinyl sheets are the best option for moisture-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

    You will also be pleased to know that Armstrong luxury vinyl flooring comes with three different kinds of wear surfaces:
    1. Vinyl no wax
    2. Urethane
    3. Enhanced urethane

    The vinyl no wax is considered to be an entry-level surface which offers resistance to stains and scuffs. On the other hand, urethane requires low maintenance while also being durable compared to vinyl no wax. It also has more resistance to household chemicals and heel marks.

    Quality installation of any floor makes a huge difference in the appearance. Any installation which is done right can make your budget-friendly floor look good. However, poor installation can make even the best flooring look cheap and leave it with gaps, bumps, seams, and other problems. Any installation mistake hampers the durability, functionality, and appearance of your flooring. At Vinyl Planks Flooring, we provide installation services as well as high-quality flooring materials.

    All you need to do is set up a free in-home estimate to see how much your project will cost. The final estimate will include the cost of installation and we offer a free lifetime installation warranty for any flooring products you purchase from us.
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