• Advantages Of Congoleum Vinyl Flooring

    Flooring is one of the main parts of your home décor that you should focus on. Your life can be messy, but Congoleum vinyl plank flooring is beautiful and easy to maintain. Congoleum vinyl plank flooring has come a very long way from its traditional kind of vinyl flooring. Today’s vinyl flooring, unlike the old fashioned linoleum, is considered to be one of the most versatile flooring materials.

    We have hundreds of styles and color patterns in stock. Congoleum vinyl flooring is comfortable, quiet and versatile. Vinyl flooring can be engineered to mimic other types of flooring like hardwood and tile. Along with its’ elegance and beauty, Congoleum vinyl plank flooring has protection against fading and discoloration from mildew and mold, thereby making it surprisingly easy to maintain and of course, durable.

    Congoleum vinyl plank flooring is budget friendly, unlike many other materials. Some of the benefits of Congoleum vinyl flooring are listed below:

    - It contributes to a healthy indoor environment
    - Phthalate Free- Made in the United States
    - Has a wear layer that masks subfloor imperfections
    - Repels dirt and mess for easy cleaning and stain release

    You have to install vinyl plank flooring correctly to receive all of the benefits listed above. A mediocre and lousy installation job can ruin the complete look of the room. If your installer overlooks the moisture level of each subfloor when they install vinyl plank flooring, the flooring can get ruined. If you want to install vinyl plank flooring yourself, make sure to go through a DIY guide and follow the steps provided.

    We understand the importance of perfect installation and the benefits of tip- top installation of your vinyl flooring to make your room and over all home décor look stunning. For installing your vinyl plank flooring, Congoleum has successfully developed its own installation techniques and technology which would help you save your time and money.

    We provide a team of professional installers who will help you make the right choice and help you install vinyl flooring at an affordable price. If you want the best vinyl flooring out there, we can help you out.
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