• Advantages Of Click Vinyl Planks & Tiles

    Vinyl plank flooring is simple and easy to install. Click-lock vinyl floor is revolutionary technology which cuts the installation time in half. It can be installed in almost any room. Click-lock vinyl floor is used for both domestic and commercial purposes. These vinyl planks are available in a wide variety of patterns.

    Click-lock vinyl floor offers various advantages over glue flooring or cushion flooring. These advantages are listed below.

    1. It’s sound proof. Click-lock vinyl floor offers a unique feature of being sound proof, making it an ideal flooring option for apartments.

    2. It’s easy to clean. Click-lock vinyl floor only needs occasional cleaning with a wet mop. It does not need daily cleaning.

    3. You can add a personal touch. You can mix and match different colors and shades of vinyl planks to get a unique look in your house or office.

    4. It’s waterproof. Click-lock vinyl flooring is 100 percent waterproof and will not retain water that you spill on it.

    5. It can be installed quickly. The four-sided lock system of planks makes it easy and fast to install in comparison to other flooring types.

    6. No prior subfloor preparation is needed. There is hardly any need to prepare the subfloor prior to installation. It can be directly installed on subfloor.

    7. It’s environmentally friendly. Click-lock vinyl floors are environmentally friendly because they are made from recyclable material.

    8. Variety of sizes available. Click-lock vinyl flooring is available in large sizes, which directly impacts the installation time. This feature also makes it ideal for commercial use.

    9. Provides a warm and cozy floor. Click-lock vinyl floor offers good heat absorption, which makes it perfect for a cozy winter home.

    10. It is lightweight. Click-lock vinyl floors are light and easy to transport in comparison to heavy and bulky flooring options. This type of vinyl floor offers peace of mind for your contractor.

    11. It is durable. For residential purposes, it is easy to manage on a day to day basis and will last for a long time.
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