• Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring - Important Things You Need to Know

    The secret is out: luxury vinyl plank flooring is the new trend in home remodeling circles. Gone are the days when vinyl products were installed only in seldom used areas of our homes like the laundry room. Or vinyl flooring was reserved for the bathroom and kitchen because of its waterproof quality. Now are considered products of luxury and designers are using them everywhere. What’s more, vinyl installation in Arizona comes at a much lower cost than other flooring material and is fast capturing the hearts and minds of home remodelers. 

    Vinyl tile flooring stores have upped their game and are now offer a variety of designs, and because of new printing and photographic technological advancements, vinyl tile product are able to realistically mimic the look and texture of real wood and stone flooring.

    Luxury vinyl planks (LVPs) and luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) (also referred to as LVP and LVT) differ from other vinyl products in the market, not only in how they are manufactured but also in their aesthetics and application.

    Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring- DIY or Professional Services?
    Another celebrated feature of the luxury vinyl tile flooring is the capacity to DIY. While this is true in some cases, it is not always the case. Luxury vinyl tile flooring in Arizona can be easy if you are an experienced DIY-er and have taken into consideration all aspects of the project. If you do chose to go the DIY way, referring the manufacturer’s guide is key. If however, you intend on installing luxury vinyl tile flooring for your entire home, then it is advisable to get professional help by contacting your local vinyl tile flooring store in Arizona.

    Some features and benefits of vinyl tile flooring
    1. Incredibly authentic replication of natural materials through photographic technology. And at a much lower cost than the original. This is what dreams are made of!
    2. Ease of maintenance. A damp mop across the surface is all it takes to keep your luxury vinyl tile flooring squeaky clean in Arizona.
    3. Inherent safety features. It meets all commercial requirements of slip resistant codes, flammability measures and a host of other safety codes. You can get the list from your vinyl tile flooring store in Arizona.
    4. Exceptional durability is another feature of luxury vinyl tile flooring. Since most luxury vinyl flooring is made to withstand commercial wear and tear, residential footfall can be well accommodated by luxury vinyl flooring at your home in Arizona.
    5. Excellent selection of sizes and shapes. Heading to your nearest vinyl tile store in Arizona will give you a range of shapes and sizes to choose from. Luxury vinyl tiles are also naturally water resistant. Just lay out the luxury vinyl flooring on a dry surface so that there is no seepage beneath the floor.

    The incredible realistic replications and the exceptional durability of vinyl tile flooring makes it a great choice for home remodelers in Arizona. Visit vinyl tile flooring stores in Arizona to check out the quality and selection.
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