• Tips For Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring

    Flooring adds beauty to any home or workplace. People get emotionally attached to their flooring because it is a long-term investment. Flooring not only helps the owner of the property create an impression on visitors but also helps him or she sells their property at a higher price. One of the more popular flooring options is vinyl plank flooring. The best thing about vinyl plank flooring is that it’s easy to install and can be fitted on any surface like concrete flooring.

    The best way to install any flooring is to get help from a flooring installation expert. A flooring installation expert can help you pick out the right flooring for you and install it. However, with vinyl plank flooring, one can easily install it by following a few vinyl flooring installation tips. Keep the vinyl plank flooring in the room for 48 hours before installation.

    1. Remove the baseboard and prepare your subfloor. Preparing your subfloor will help you have a clean, dry and well-leveled surface. Use self-levelers for vinyl flooring installation. The specialty of using self-levelers are they work and dry quickly.

    2. Now mark the place with a chalk line where you want to place the vinyl sheets. After that, check to see if the lines are right by placing the vinyl flooring down. If any small areas remain, then cut a piece of vinyl sheet with a utility knife to fit in that location.

    3. If there are any doorjambs, then bend the vinyl plank a bit to fit properly.

    4. Now you can peel the vinyl flooring by removing its adhesive backing off and stick the vinyl flooring as you have planned on to the sub floor.

    5. Finally, eliminate the baseboards and add transitions and extra trim pieces like shoe molding if needed. Make sure that you nail the trim pieces to the wall and not on the flooring.

    Keep the above points in mind while installing vinyl plank flooring. If you feel you can’t do vinyl flooring installation by yourself, seek help from a flooring installation expert.
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