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Tarkett, as a company, owes their success to their innovative and sustainable business attitude. Vinyl plank flooring is one among the many choices Tarkett offers to customers. Considering its many attractive features, it's easy to see why.

Tarkett vinyl flooring is gaining popularity because of its innovative design and operational excellence. The pros of using Tarkett vinyl flooring are numerous as it is especially good at resisting signs of wear, dents and scratches. They are easy to install in comparison to other types of flooring because it uses either click-lock technology or adhesives. They are also less prone to degradation by environmental factors like discoloration due to sunlight or damage due to standing water or large spills. The planks are water resistant and resist moisture absorption.

Tarkett vinyl plank flooring is also economical as they can give an almost real appearance of wooden or stone flooring with much less affect on the budget.

The salient features of Tarkett vinyl plank flooring include:

Installation: They are very easy to install and the flooring can be successfully finished with the help of two people. They come in sheets, planks and tiles according to your need and aren’t very heavy, either.

Cost and variety: You get a wide, diverse range of products to choose from and all within your home renovation budget.

Cleanliness and maintenance: They are waterproof and resist moisture absorption. They generally don’t need any maintenance after installation, are quite stable and won't split or crack under pressure

Tarkett vinyl plank flooring is friendly to both your finances and your health as it improves the quality of your home and increases your comfort without emptying your pockets.