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Earthwerks vinyl flooring is a beautiful and unique flooring that mimics the look of many different types of natural flooring materials. Its huge variety of looks brings the freshness of nature indoors. Earthwerks vinyl flooring is the moisture-resistant flooring that can be used in dining rooms, kitchens and  bathrooms. These vinyl flooring comes in a wide range of styles and colors. Many people choose Earthwerks vinyl flooring because of its extensive collections, easy DIY installation and easy maintenance.

You can find luxurious, stylish products offering beauty, strength and performance in Earthwerks vinyl flooring. All Earthwerks vinyl is made up of PVC finished with a thick wear layer. The thickness of this wear layer improves the strength and quality, ensuring that your floor will last for years to come. Earthwerks adds an extra beneficial resistance to normal wear because it consists of products like urethane and aluminum oxide powder. Urethane coating and aluminum oxide crystals gives you the best and toughest finish compared to any other vinyl flooring.

Earthwerks products are “green-conscious” because all the material is recyclable and manufactured in energy-efficient facilities. Rest assured that all Earthwerks vinyl flooring can be used again or reclaimed into other products. Installation of Earthwerks vinyl flooring often requires less preparation and clean-up time compared to other flooring types. It can be installed on any existing floor coverings in your home or office to give a new look with the color and style that best suits your décor. Explore all the display options with Earthwerks Flooring to accommodate your home or office to bring a new life to the space with lasting beauty.